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Bottles Japan Kampai!

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Pedres Blanques 2021 750ml

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Near the border of France and Spain, along the Mediterranean, lies the small and beautiful town of Banyuls. After studying winemaking under Frédéric Cossard in Burgundy, the husband-and-wife team of Domaine Pedres Blanques fell in love with the land and the people of this area. They were inspired to create their own wines, leading them to establish their domain here in 2017.

From Collioure, a narrow mountain road, barely wide enough for a single car, winds steeply upward. The drive is challenging; a slight lapse in attention could mean the car might not ascend some of the steeper slopes. It is beyond these steep ascents that their vineyard is located.

Wherever one walks in the vineyard, the eyes are drawn to a massive white boulder, sitting almost like a guardian deity near the center of the fields. From this, they took the name Pedres Blanques for their domaine, which means "white rocks" in Catalan.