Address: 2-6-7 Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Sohrei Building 1F

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Weekdays 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Last Order) Average Price: Lunch ~1,000 yen, Dinner 1,000 - 2,000 yen

Closed: Sundays, Saturday nights

With 1,000 yen, you can enjoy the most soul-stirring beef bowl in Tokyo This is too extravagant!

Nemotora, a beef bowl and stew specialty shop with only a bar counter, is about a 1-minute walk from Ningyocho station. The owner has worked at "Plumier" in Yoyogi Park and "Kanejyu Farm" in Omotesando before going independent. This was a sushi restaurant originally, but the owner took it over and renovated it. "However, the signage bar counter has been mostly retained, so don't feel like you've come to the wrong place." "Nemotora" offers "beef bowl" for lunch and "beef bowl" and stew for dinner, which you can enjoy with a bottle of beer for a wonderful evening after work! "Stew" is a root vegetable that has been stewed for a long time with beef tendon, and it is full of delicious flavor. The soup base that I pay special attention to is carefully made with kelp, bonito, vegetables, and beef tendons, and the meat for the beef bowl is "sirloin" used to make authentic beef bowls." "The beef bowl has a low fat content, a refreshing taste, the deliciousness of the soup base, and a rich meaty texture. This kind of taste is impossible for chain stores. The texture of the rice is clear and full, the rice is just right in hardness and softness. As Xiao S said: "Rice is the soul of the rice bowl." (Plus, you can have unlimited free refills of rice)

Usually, beef bowl (Gyudon) mainly uses "pork belly", but at "Nemotora", you can enjoy a luxurious beef bowl using "sirloin"! Although the fat content is lower and it may be easier to harden, it may be a bit difficult to handle, but the beef bowl of "Nemotora" has a refreshing taste and is very delicious!!"

Imagine this: On top of this beef bowl, which only costs 880 yen, a generous amount of cooked onions are spread, and the sauce penetrates each slice of onion vegetables and beef slices, making your mouth water just thinking about it.

In addition to this rice bowl, the shop also offers its own carefully developed caramel pudding, which is a limited edition item!

When you come to Tokyo, don't miss this soul-stirring rice bowl!